Virginia woman wins two big lottery prizes in two weeks from the same game

Jennifer Minton, a resident of Virginia, experienced an extraordinary stroke of luck when she scooped a $912,936 jackpot from an online lottery game.

What makes her story truly remarkable is the fact that just one week earlier, she had already won $50,000 from the same game.

As she played the Safari Quest online game on her phone by a campfire, Jennifer noticed that the jackpot had reset.

Her initial reaction was, "Dang, somebody just hit. They are so lucky." However, in a surprising turn of events, she soon realized that she was the fortunate winner of the $912,936 jackpot.

Jennifer's reaction to this back-to-back triumph was one of disbelief and shock.

It's no surprise, considering the extremely rare and unexpected nature of her consecutive victories in the same game, making her story all the more remarkable.

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