Virginia woman wins over $900k from VIP Spins online lottery game

A fortunate Virginia lady with a history of winning different challenges and contests chose to test her karma with a web-based moment game. Surprisingly, she arose successfully and prevailed upon $900,000.

Cheryl Howerton of Boydton, Virginia won $991,681 subsequent to playing celebrity Twists, an internet game by the Virginia Lottery.

It was as some other Saturday. Howerton was perched on her back porch with her better half when she got a warning.

She looked down at her telephone and read it cautiously - she had quite recently won the big stake on celebrity Twists, a gambling club-style game where players can wager somewhere in the range of $2 and $50 on a virtual wheel in order to win an award.

Howerton began yelling for bliss, which stood out of her significant other.

"My better half thought something was off-base. I generally realized I'd win huge!" she later told Virginia Lottery authorities.

She views herself as fortunate, as she has won many challenges before. She told the Virginia Lottery that she had no prompt designs for these rewards.