Virginia woman wins back-to-back jackpots from Safari 

Jennifer Minton from Gloucester, Virginia, had a remarkable stroke of luck with the Virginia Lottery's Safari Quest online game.

First, she won $50,000 in early October. Just one week later, while playing the same game on her mobile phone around a campfire on October 15, she thought she hadn't won as she saw the jackpot reset.

However, upon closer inspection, she discovered that she was the reason for the jackpot reset, and she had won the jackpot once again, this time amounting to an impressive $912,936.

This extraordinary turn of events brought Minton a total of $962,936 in winnings within a very short span. 

Her incredible luck and the back-to-back jackpot wins made her a fortunate and joyful lottery winner.

It's a story that underscores the unpredictable and life-changing nature of lottery games, where the smallest twist of fate can lead to significant financial windfalls.

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