Unlocking the Wonders of the Houston Zoo: 10 Captivating Facts

Historic Roots


The Houston Zoo opened its doors in 1922 and has a rich history of providing entertainment and education to the public for nearly a century.

Size and Scope


The zoo covers approximately 55 acres and is home to over 6,000 animals worldwide.

Naturalistic Habitats


Many exhibits at the Houston Zoo are designed to replicate the natural environments of the animals, providing a more immersive experience for visitors.

Primate Conservation


The zoo participates in conservation programs to protect and conserve various primate species, including the critically endangered Western lowland gorillas.

Texas Wetlands


The Texas Wetlands exhibit showcases native Texan wildlife and is an educational opportunity to learn about local ecosystems.

African Forest


 This exhibit features a multi-species habitat with chimpanzees, rhinoceroses, and giraffes, among others.

Bird Diversity


 The zoo has a vast collection of bird species, including exotic and endangered ones, in the Kathrine G. McGovern Texas Wetlands exhibit.

Award-Winning Exhibit


The African Forest exhibit won the AZA Exhibit Award in 2011, recognizing its excellence in animal care and visitor engagement.

Conservation Initiatives


 The Houston Zoo is involved in various conservation projects, such as those aimed at protecting sea turtles, elephants, and the Attwater's prairie chicken.

Educational Programs


The zoo offers a range of educational programs and experiences for visitors of all ages, fostering an understanding of wildlife and the importance of conservation.