Uber driver buys $110,000 lottery ticket while filling

A Washington-based Uber driver had a stroke of luck while fueling up his car before starting his shift.

He impulsively decided to purchase a Hit 5 lottery ticket at the Safeway Fuel store, using his own chosen numbers.

To his amazement, he later discovered that his spur-of-the-moment decision had resulted in a substantial $110,000 prize win.

The fortunate Shoreline man's plans for his newfound fortune are heartwarming.

He intends to use the prize money to treat his two children to a special dinner, clear his outstanding debts, and finance a memorable family vacation.

This story serves as a captivating reminder that fortune can strike unexpectedly during even the most routine activities, offering the prospect of life-changing rewards.

The lucky lottery win has brightened his day and provided an opportunity for his family to enjoy special moments together.