Two Words Could Mean Joe Biden Is Finished

Swing States could doom Joe Biden's 2024 Run: According to a new poll from Bloomberg News/Morning Consult, President Joe Biden currently trails former President Donald Trump in Wisconsin and four additional key swing states.

In the Badger State, 79 percent of registered voters said that the U.S. economy is on the wrong track – higher than the 74 percent average who said the same across seven other swing states.

Seventy-one percent of Pennsylvania voters, 73 percent of those in Michigan, 74 percent in Georgia, and 75 percent respectively in Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina shared a similar sentiment about the state of the U.S. economy.

"The dim outlook was held by Wisconsin voters in key demographic groups, including women, blue-collar workers, rural residents, and those ages 18 to 34," Bloomberg News reported.

The poll further found that 48 percent of Wisconsin residents said they trust the former president more than the current one to handle the economy. Just 36 percent said they trust Biden more.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who didn't visit the Badger State, was surprised by her loss. Biden then flipped the state back and carried it by just 20,682 votes.

The recent poll found that even voters who are members of a union household believed Bidenomics was bad for the economy. That could be a worrisome portent for the president, as that block helped him win Wisconsin in 2020.

President Biden has clearly seen that Wisconsin is very much "in play" heading into the 2024 election, and earlier this week, the White House chose the state to be one of the 31 regional tech hubs, making it eligible for millions of dollars in federal funding to help advanced personalized medicine and health technology.

Wisconsin will progress to the next round of the competition, in which at least five tech hubs will win up to $75 million each under the CHIPS and Science Act passed last year.