North Carolina woman won $100k on Friday the 13th

A lady in North Carolina scored $100,000 playing the sweepstakes on a day frequently connected with misfortune.

Christy Merritt of Efland, North Carolina, walked away with a huge in the sweepstakes for the second time on Friday the thirteenth, testing the idea that it's an unfortunate day. She bought her ticket at the Efland Grocery store on U.S. 70 West in Efland.

Merritt traded out a $250,000 scratch-off win with her flatmate in 2018 and as of late added another $100,000 second-level scratch-off prize to her rewards on Friday the thirteenth.

"My mind couldn't fathom it," she told Lottery. "However, it was exceptionally intriguing."She bought her subsequent winning ticket from a similar store for $30 the "Dark Titanium" game.

Merritt, a rancher and grandma of four, said she will involve her most recent award to accomplish something uniquely great for her grandkids.

On Monday, she visited the North Carolina Lottery base camp in Raleigh to guarantee her second huge success. After government and state charges, she got $71,259.

"I have four grandkids as of now with one more coming, so perhaps I will go on them on a pleasant outing," she told the Lottery. "Perhaps to the ocean side."

The extra rewards from the outing with her grandkids will be utilized to cover bills and save for retirement, she said.

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