No minor move: Rookie Matt Poitras stays with the Bruins

The Boston Bruins faced a pivotal decision regarding 19-year-old rookie Poitras, who had played nine games in the NHL.

Their coach, Jim Montgomery, expressed that Poitras might not stay with the team for the entire season, but the Bruins were impressed with his performance.

Poitras, a 2022 second-round draft pick, had three goals and five points in his nine-game stint, filling a crucial role after the retirement of veterans Bergeron and Krejci.

He's slotted into the second-line center position but can adapt as needed. His confidence with the puck stood out, earning praise from teammates, notably Charlie McAvoy.

Despite roster changes, the Bruins maintained a strong start with an 8-0-1 record, leading the Atlantic Division and ranking second overall in the league.

In summary, Poitras' early success impressed the Bruins despite initial uncertainty about his role.

His contributions have been vital, allowing Boston to excel in the current season despite the absence of key veteran players. The team's strong performance places them at the forefront of the league.