Mega Millions grows to $196 million ahead of Tuesday's drawing

In the recent Mega Millions drawing held on Friday, no lucky ticket holders clinched the jackpot, which has now ballooned to a substantial $196 million for the upcoming draw.

The anticipation for the next drawing, scheduled just after 11 p.m. ET, is growing.

Should a fortunate individual secure the winning numbers and opt for the cash option, they stand to walk away with an impressive sum exceeding $87.9 million, as confirmed by the lottery authorities.

Recapping the results of the previous Wednesday night's drawing: the winning numbers were 03, 11, 33, 42, and 52, with the Megaball numbered at 20, and a Megaplier value of 2X.

With the jackpot now nearing the $200 million mark, Mega Millions enthusiasts across the country are eager to test their luck and dream of joining the ranks of the lottery's fortunate millionaires.