Lotto Max - A $55 million jackpot and an estimated 4 Million in the next draw

In the following Lotto Max draw, scheduled for Tuesday, October 31, the award pool will add up to $59 million and incorporate a $55 million bonanza and an expected 4 Max million.

Lotto Max players in Québec have prevailed upon $3.476 billion since its send-off in 2009.

Altogether, there have been 41 bonanza wins in the area, including 3 of $70,000,000 — the biggest big stakes at any point won in Québec — in the February 25 and October 9, 2020, and June 7, 2022 draws.

One $65,000,000 bonanza, four $60,000,000 big stakes, four $55,000,000 bonanzas, and eight $50,000,000 bonanzas were additionally won in Quebec.

Notwithstanding these bonanza wins, Lotto Max players in Québec have likewise won 221 Million prizes, every value $1 million, and 140 portions of a million prizes.