Jackpot Triple Play: Chasing a $600,000 Jackpot

In the recent Jackpot Triple Play drawing on Tuesday, Nov. 7, the winning numbers were 1-5-12-34-35-44, accompanied by a tantalizing jackpot of $475,000.

Regrettably, there were no winning tickets sold for this round, intensifying the excitement for the upcoming draw scheduled for Nov. 10.

The next jackpot is estimated to be a substantial $600,000.Jackpot Triple Play provides players with a triple chance to secure a win.

Participants are required to select or use the quick-pick option for the initial six numbers, ranging from 1 through 46. The second and third sets of numbers are automatically quick-picked.

To claim a victory, players must match three or more numbers from the same set as the winning numbers drawn. For a mere $1, players can get in on the action.

They can also opt to add the "combo" for an extra dollar, which offers an additional opportunity to win prizes of up to $10,000.

 Mark your calendar for the next draw and seize your chance to partake in this unique lottery experience with the potential to strike the jackpot.