Jackpot rises to $179 million: When is the next Powerball drawing?

The Powerball jackpot for the upcoming Monday drawing has been steadily growing.

The drawing on Saturday, November 4, produced no winners, causing the Powerball jackpot to reach an estimated value of $179 million.

For those who prefer a cash prize, the jackpot offers an enticing sum of $82.4 million.

This significant jackpot increase has resulted from the absence of a jackpot winner since October.

In that particular drawing, a fortunate player from California managed to secure the enormous prize of $1.76 billion, marking the second-largest jackpot ever awarded in the history of the Powerball game.

The allure of a life-changing windfall continues to captivate players as they eagerly await the next drawing, hoping to become the next lucky jackpot winner in this thrilling lottery game.