Iowa couple stunned after winning $250,000 lottery prize

Eric Guetter, a 50-year-old resident of Iowa, and his wife Deanne experienced a life-changing moment when they scratched off a Lucky 7 Bonus lottery ticket and discovered they had won a whopping $250,000.

The couple purchased several tickets at Morning Star Station in Worthington, Iowa, and scratched them at home.

Initially, when Eric Guetter revealed the winning symbol on his ticket, he thought he had won just $25. 

However, his excitement skyrocketed as he unveiled the prize amount, which turned out to be a quarter-million dollars. 

To be absolutely sure, he used a magnifying glass to confirm the win and then shared the incredible news with his wife.

They rushed to the gas station where an employee verified their win using the store's lottery terminal. 

The realization of their incredible luck sunk in, and they were overjoyed, knowing they could pay off their house. 

The couple claimed their prize at the Iowa Lottery headquarters in Cedar Rapids, and Eric Guetter expressed his disbelief and immense joy, stating that while they played for fun with hopes of winning, they never expected such a life-changing outcome.

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