Florida Lottery drawing results for Tuesday, Oct, 31

In Tuesday's Florida Lottery draws, there was a surprising occurrence where five winners of the Fantasy 5 jackpot each received $24,151.51.

What made this win stand out was the remarkably orderly set of numbers: 1-2-3-4-17.

It's worth noting that selecting numbers in a row is not inherently more or less statistically likely to win, but because more people tend to choose sequential numbers, if you do win, you might end up sharing your winnings with others.

The winning tickets for this Fantasy 5 drawing were sold in North Bay Village, Hollywood, and Miami.

Interestingly, two identical winning tickets were purchased at the same 7-Eleven in Poinciana.

In addition to the Fantasy 5 results, the Mega Millions jackpot continued to roll over, reaching a new estimated jackpot of $181 million for the upcoming Friday's drawing.

Furthermore, the Florida Lottery introduced four new scratch-off games and a $5,000,000 Holiday Bonus Play for lottery enthusiasts to enjoy.