Crunching Numbers Powerball's Luckiest and Unluckiest Digits Revealed

A recent study by gambling site CSGO Luck delved into Powerball data to identify the most and least frequently drawn numbers. 

Since 2015, 61 claimed the top spot, appearing 90 times, followed closely by 32 with 89 occurrences and 63 with 88. 

The top 10 list included numbers like 21, 36, 69, 23, 64, 39, and 37. Conversely, number 13 ranked as the least drawn, appearing only 51 times in 8 years, and the bottom 10 featured numbers like 49, 34, 29, and 5. 

CSGO suggests avoiding 13 while playing. Interestingly, the study highlighted that 56 is the most overdue number, having not appeared in a Powerball draw since May 27. 

CSGO spokesperson Rebecca Devlin-McGurk found the recurring number patterns intriguing amid the unpredictable nature of lottery draws.