10 Unlock the Magic of Houston's Museums - Click to Dive In

World-Class Art


Houston's museums, like the Museum of Fine Arts, house impressive art collections, including works by renowned artists from various periods and styles.

Dinosaur Discoveries


The Houston Museum of Natural Science features life-sized dinosaur displays that will transport you back in time.

Space Exploration


Space Center Houston offers a chance to see actual spacecraft and learn about the fascinating world of space exploration.

Interactive Exhibits


Many museums in Houston offer interactive and hands-on exhibits that make learning fun for visitors of all ages.

Hidden Treasures


The Menil Collection is known for its unique and hidden art gems that surprise and delight art enthusiasts.

Artistic Innovation


The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston showcases cutting-edge contemporary art, providing a glimpse into the art world's future.

Inspiring Stories


The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum tells the inspiring history of African-American soldiers who overcame adversity.

A Journey Through Time


 The Museum of Natural Science takes you on a journey from the age of dinosaurs to the wonders of the universe.

Powerful Reminders


 The Holocaust Museum Houston serves as a somber yet powerful reminder of the importance of understanding history.

Quirky Charm


The Art Car Museum's displays of creatively modified cars offer a unique and entertaining experience you won't find elsewhere.