$1.2M winning lottery ticket sold at Jewel Osco in Chicago

A Lucky Day Lotto ticket worth $1.2 million was sold at a Chicago Jewel Osco store, adding a thrilling twist to the potential winner's Halloween celebrations. 

This ticket perfectly matched all five numbers drawn during the midday event on October 27: 14-15-24-25-34, awarding the lucky holder the $1.2 million jackpot.

Jewel Osco, the retailer behind this fortunate sale, will receive a $12,000 bonus, equivalent to 1% of the prize amount, for vending the winning ticket

Winners are advised to endorse their tickets by writing their names on the back and securely storing them until they are ready to claim their prize. There is a one-year window from the draw date to collect the winnings

This drawing turned out to be exceptionally rewarding, with over $1.3 million distributed in prizes among nearly 50,000 participants in the Illinois Lottery. 

The Lucky Day Lotto, exclusively for Illinois residents, holds daily drawings at 12:40 p.m. and 9:22 p.m., providing multiple opportunities for players to experience the thrill of winning.

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