Thu. Jan 25th, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Launch: Revolutionizing Mobile Innovation with AI Capabilities

Samsung Galaxy S24 Launch: Revolutionizing Mobile Innovation with AI CapabilitiesSamsung Galaxy S24 Launch: Revolutionizing Mobile Innovation with AI Capabilities

Samsung is poised to showcase the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) with the imminent launch of its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24, this week. Canalys, a market analyst firm, anticipates that Samsung will unveil AI enhancements during its Galaxy S24 launch event scheduled for January 17.

The Galaxy S24, set to take center stage at Samsung’s Unpacked event in San Jose on Wednesday, is expected to feature advancements in AI technology. Last year, Samsung introduced its own generative AI platform called Gauss, followed by the teaser of Galaxy AI, designed to bring an enriched AI experience to mobile devices.

In November, Samsung briefly described Galaxy AI as a comprehensive mobile AI experience, combining on-device AI developed by Samsung and cloud-based AI collaborations with industry leaders. While specific details about the AI model remain undisclosed, reports suggest that flagship Galaxy S24 phones will introduce the AI Live Translate Call feature for voice calls, supporting multilingual conversations with minimal delay.

During the recent CES event in Las Vegas, Samsung outlined its strategy to integrate AI into its devices. Jong-Hee Han, CEO and head of Samsung’s device experience division, emphasized the nonintrusive role of AI in enhancing daily lives.

Canalys, in its analysis, anticipates that the Galaxy S24 launch will focus on showcasing the potential of Galaxy AI in establishing a robust AI ecosystem to support future AI solutions. While some on-device AI features like Live Transcribe may be introduced initially, Canalys expects more AI features to be rolled out through software updates.

Gen AI is integral to Samsung’s long-term product strategy, particularly in the premium and flagship segments. Canalys encourages Samsung to differentiate itself from competitors, such as Apple, by expanding market leadership through innovative products and business models beyond hardware.

“As Samsung’s mid-range approaches flagship specifications, on-device AI features become crucial in setting apart its flagship Galaxy S series in 2024,” notes Sheng Win Chow, analyst at Canalys. The firm suggests that showcasing innovative AI capabilities during the flagship S24 launch will attract early adopters and highlight Samsung’s leadership in innovation.

Canalys projects that by 2024, 5% of smartphones shipped will be AI-capable, accounting for 635 million units, or 45% of the total smartphone market in 2027. The firm emphasizes the importance of AI integration for personalization, with Samsung needing to demonstrate its innovation and market leadership through the Galaxy S24 series launch.

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